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Advancing the Economy and Quality of Life for the Mississippi Delta and Surrounding Areas

The Mississippi Delta encompasses a vast region of land, water, culture and history. 


Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee threads the spirit of American soul and timeless artistry.  These eight states connect geography with human physiology and the rich cultural stories that have shaped the collective psyche of its inhabitants. 

What We Offer

Delta Circle (DC) offers services and resources to students, entrepreneurs, artists and businesses at various stages.


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Why Join Delta Circle

Local Community of Business Resources

Discounts on
Business Services 

Professional &
Personal Training 

Work Life Balance Assistance

Our business incubator allows for more engaging interactions to deepen our understanding of the specific needs and requirements for each of our clients. 

  • Business Incubator

  • Regional and local resources

Our services include marketing designs, printing, strategic planning, business digitization/optimization and much more.

  • Short and Long Term Office and Meeting Space Rental

  • Marketing Designs (Logo, Website, Business Cards, Invitations, Flyers, Infographics, etc.) and Printing Services

  • Business Digitization/Automation

We strategically design processes to help individuals achieve sustainable states of growth and innovation. 

  • Professional Enrichment

  • Personal Power

  • Business Innovation

Our consulting and workforce assistance projects along with our entertainment and live event productions provide various opportunities for the employee and employer to experience a healthy balance of fun and service.

  • Workforce Assistance

  • Entertainment & Live Events

Computer Office Work

Space Rental


"This is something we definitely need."

K.J., MS Resident and Business Owner

"There is nothing like this available around us. The resources are definitely beneficial."

C.F., Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur

"This is a great community of resources to help my company transition to the next level. I'm excited for the next steps."

M.B., Small Business Owner

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